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jay fergusonassociate consultant

Jay Ferguson came to independent school leadership after practicing law in Dallas. He serves as the head of the largest private school in East Texas and is a member of the boards of TPSA and CESA. Jay is a specialist in fund development, having conducted several multi-million dollar capital campaigns and establishing one of the strongest donor bases among Texas independent schools.

Bill Mcgeeassociate consultant

Bill McGee has served as the head of four independent schools over more than twenty-five years.  He is a board member of the Texas Private Schools Association (TPSA) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). Bill specializes in board and leadership development and is a sought after workshop presenter.

Jason E. Lewismanaging Partner

Jason Lewis is a fifteen-year veteran of non-profit fund development, six of those as a head of school, raising millions of dollars in annual, major, and capital gifts. Skilled across the entire spectrum of fundraising needs, Jason excels in helping schools, both large and small, to accurately assess their funding needs, apply the appropriate resources, and evaluate the success of fundraising initiatives in more than merely financial terms.

Jason also manages aspects of BetterSchools' search and placement services.

Charles t. evansSenior Partner

A former head of schools in Virginia and Texas, Chuck Evans has been serving independent schools as a teacher, leader, and consultant for more than twenty-five years. As a consultant, he has worked with dozens of schools since 2006, leading strategic and financial planning processes and major program expansion projects. He has worked as a lobbyist in the Texas State Legislature, a certified mediator, and is a founding board member of the Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA). 


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