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strategic planning

We provide a unique inside-out approach to setting goals, establishing accountability, acquiring resources, and communicating with your community.

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board and staff TRAINING

A broad spectrum of development and training options equips board members, leadership teams, and faculty with the tools to execute on your school's mission to maximum effect.


OUR CONSULTANTS know how schools grow.


Our trademarked approach to fundraising enables professional development staff and board volunteers to increase their fundraising capacity, manage toward sustainable returns, and increase revenue to support every facet of the school's operation.

The BetterSchools team have a combined experience of more than fifty years as heads of school, development officers, and senior academic officers in prominent schools from Texas to Pennsylvania. We know what it takes for your school to be a premiere school in today's uncertain marketplace.

Financial and market structure

Our consultants expertly integrate your school's marketing, pricing, enrollment management, and programming to increase visibility, market share, revenue, and profitability. 

your school can be